Skilled Trades Day

It’s #NationalSkilledTradesDay so we’re joining to promote careers in a skilled trade, especially plumbing! Near many of Kenny Pipe’s locations, Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT) provides students with an alternative to four-year college programs, with lower tuition costs and shorter paths to a career.

TCAT has 27 branches across the state and offers more than 70 occupational programs to help you train for a career and help our communities build a skilled workforce.

TN Connect offers the following statistics: Students at TCATs are successful: 81% of TCAT students complete their programs and 86% find a job in their field of study. When asked to rate TCAT graduates in job knowledge, technical skills, work quality, and work attitude, employers rated “Satisfactory” or above in 96% of responses. Alumni rated program preparation for employment “Satisfactory” or above in 97% of the responses.

A skilled trade offers hands-on work in high-demand jobs. For more information, go to to find a TCAT near you.