We are Industrial PVF

Our experienced industrial division can source PVF supplies from quality manufacturers worldwide. Our highly trained staff will help you select the right pipe, valves, fittings, and flanges for the job.

We work with private industrial construction groups, government contractors, corporations, plant managers, utility contractors, and facilities managers in a variety of Industrial PVF markets including:

  • Carpet & Flooring
  • Power
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Food & Beverage

Each market requires unique solutions to ensure equipment at the plants run smoothly. Our experienced team works closely with engineers and plant personnel to ensure the correct product is used in every application. We also stay informed on upcoming projects within the plants and help as needed during the planning stages. This attention to detail prevents costly failures caused by use of an inadequate product, promotes long term cost savings, and creates lasting relationships with our clients. 

Determined and Creative PVF Solutions

Our industrial services include:

•  Premium Industrial MRO Supplies

We supply our clients with premium industrial MRO supplies including mechanical pipe, valves, metal fittings, hydraulic and electric automation, and more. Our inventory includes carbon steel, stainless steel, chrome moly, nickel, titanium, Teflon- and rubber-lined, and PVC. Our industrial inventory is designed for heavy use in demanding environments. Our goal is to find the best product for the application to ensure years of service.

•  Curated Inventory at Multiple Locations

Rome, GA Branch | Eagle Equipment Company of Rome, GA was founded in 1976 and became a branch of Kenny Pipe & Supply, Inc. in 2013. Now our Rome branch has full access to the broad PVF inventory maintained at our other locations, but we also keep over $800k in carefully curated inventory there to support our industrial clients. Our industrial headquarters and distribution center in Nashville also houses specialty industrial products.

•  Supply Chain Management Solutions

Our supply chain management solutions for MRO supplies are guaranteed to save you time and money. We offer a full range of maintenance, replacement, and operating parts and our procurement services, inventory, and reporting systems ensure your facility runs smoothly and efficiently.

•  Distribution Services

We make most deliveries using our own fleet of trucks. We offer sorting, staging, and delivery services that are customized to each plant to help control receiving and handling costs. Products may be sorted and marked for specific areas of the plant making receiving simple. 

•  Additional Programs

We can provide jobsite trailers or storage containers (CONEX), fully stocked with in-demand inventory. We also have a pipe fusion and press rental program to better serve our industrial PVF clients.

We have you covered: whatever you need, we will get it on time and on budget.

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