How to Winter-proof Your Kitchen and Bathroom

If waking to the thought of touching your toes to the icy tile floors in your bathroom or kitchen is enough to make you reach for the snooze button and burrow beneath the duvet, then you’ll appreciate these tips for keeping your bathroom or kitchen toasty. From cheap and easy to affordable luxuries, we’ve scoured the internet for the best ways to warm up your kitchen and bath during the winter. Stay warm.

A Softer Touch

Add a fuzzy bath mat or a classy area rug to your kitchen or bath. Soft furnishings and natural fibers work miracles, making your rooms more cosy, comfortable, and inviting. A richly textured and warmly colored rug makes stepping out of the shower or waiting for your coffee to brew a little less chilly. To prevent your new, warm rug from slipping and sliding around the room, be sure to invest in a no-slip pad or durable carpet tape.

5-Star Treatment

While you’re out shopping for new rugs, splurge on thick towels, a decadent robe, and a pair of fluffy slippers. Imagine the pleasure padding to your kitchen in a soft robe, sipping on a cup of strong coffee, and grabbing an Egyptian cotton towel before stepping into your hot, steaming shower. Go on, treat yourself right. There’s no need to reserve the 5-star hotel treatment for your dream vacation.

Warmth is in the Eye of the Beholder

It may seem as though the cold has gotten to our brains, but warm colors, natural materials, and unique lighting fixtures really can make a room feel warmer. Some colors to consider include red, orange, yellow, and gold. Hanging pendant lights, chandeliers, and striking wall sconces draw your eye to the light and natural wood, soapstone or even granite can lend warming textures to your room.

The Pragmatic Approach to a Warmer Room

While you’ve undoubtedly heard it before, it bears repeating: for the best winter-proofing, insulate your home, especially your kitchen and bath! Take the time to make sure that your windows are closed and locked and that they seal properly. To ensure that cold air isn’t sneaking in through the cracks, invest a few dollars in a removable caulk like DAP Seal ‘N Peel Weathersrip Caulk. One tube covers several full-size windows. If your windows are super drafty, consider layered curtains. To prevent your pipes from freezing, The Washington Post recommends wrapping your water supply lines with foam tube insulation -- as an added bonus, you’ll probably enjoy fresh-from-the-tap hot water just a little bit faster.

Turn on the Red Lights

If you still can’t face your shower, then your local home improvement store should be able to help you find a heat lamp that will work in your bathroom. Heat lamps are a great way to raise the temperature for a brief period and they’re much more efficient than turning on your home’s heating system to warm up one small room. However, don’t forget to turn off the lights!

Toast Your Towels

If hanging your towel over the edge of your shower rod results in more soggy than toasty towels, then it may be time to take up a notch by investing in a heated towel rack. These electric units are typically wall-mounted and will warm up your nice new towels while you’re in the shower.

Heated Floors

For folks who are really serious about their toes, it’s time to pull out all the stops. Luxurious towels and enveloping robes are one thing, but radiant heating systems are an entirely different beast. If you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen or redoing your bathroom, now is the time to consider installing radiant floor heating. Not only will your toes thank you, but heated floors are an affordable luxury that can warm the entire kitchen or bath.

If radiant heat, Egyptian cotton, and toasty towels aren’t enough to get you out of bed in the morning, we don’t know what is. To make your bathroom or kitchen the place to be this winter, schedule a free consultation with Kenny & Company today.

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