7 Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

When dreaming about remodeling your kitchen, it’s easy to get lost in Pinterest and call it a day. Although a collection of pretty kitchens and dreamy appliances is a great way to begin your planning process, it takes a little more work and preparation to fully commit to a kitchen renovation.

From design to build, we have you covered. We’ll help keep your dreams and reality in sync by helping you avoid these common kitchen renovation mistakes!

Failing to Plan for the Worst

We all like to hope for the best, but wise remodelers know to plan for the worst. Mistakes are part of life and life happens. In other words: don’t expect your kitchen renovation to run like a Rolex. Contractors get sick, plumbing fails, and surprises happen. Expect the unexpected. If you find yourself losing sleep over a few setbacks, you’ll just drive yourself (and your loved ones) insane! Take a deep breath, focus on your long-range plan, and make sure you keep quality in mind. Prepare yourself to lose a few days here and there to get the kitchen of your dreams. With any luck, you’ll be enjoying your new kitchen for years to come and all of the labor pains will be forgotten.

Choosing Your Appliances After Your Renovation Has Begun

Here’s where Pinterest boards and advanced planning go hand-in-hand. Although you don’t need to have your new appliances taking up space in your living room while your existing kitchen is being demolished, you do want to know which appliances you’ll be installing. This allows your designers and contractors to accommodate built-in microwaves, wall ovens, and refrigerators into the flow of your new kitchen. It’s much easier to choose countertops and cabinets to fit your appliances than the other way around!

Taking It All Too Seriously

Have some fun! Play with color, be adventurous. Think about using an unexpected tile in your backsplash, incorporate an unusual countertop material to focus the eye, experiment with color tones. In other words, add your own flare. Working with a professional kitchen designer is a great way to achieve the elegant look you’re craving, but make sure you inject a little of your own personality into your kitchen. It is, after all, your kitchen.

Not Paying Attention to the Details

We know, we know! We just told you not to take everything so seriously and now we’re telling you to sweat the small stuff. But here’s the thing: it’s good to have fun, but it pays to heed your inner control freak. Think about every little pocket of space and brainstorm unusual solutions to maximize existing real estate. Consider sliding drawer dividers for your cutlery, pantry pullouts, lazy Susans, and under cupboard storage options. These clever and functional features increase your kitchen’s efficiency and value. Working with an experienced designer and kitchen product specialist is a great way to dream up creative space-saving details for your new kitchen. While you’re at it, imagine opening every drawer, cupboard, and appliance doors at the same time. Then, break out the measuring tape and make sure that everything fits!

Taking DIY Too Far

The do-it-yourself urge, for many, is strong. When it comes to a major kitchen renovation, however, it’s a smart move to consult with kitchen design experts and product specialists before ripping out those countertops and donating your appliances. A good professional designer will listen to your ideas, get a sense of your style, brainstorm innovative ideas, and work within your budget. An interior designer who specializes in kitchens will also be able to help you avoid common rookie mistakes like investing in too much stainless steel, failing to use existing outlets and plumbing, or falling for too much open shelving. Not only that, but they’ll help you develop the best work triangle for your kitchen, expand your countertops, and select the right cabinets for your lifestyle.

Falling for Form Over Function

If the kitchen of your dreams is open, airy, and great for entertaining, but you’re more of a stay-at-home, dinner-party-for-two kind of cook, then your dreams need a little reality check. Keep your needs and preferences top of mind as you develop your kitchen’s workflow. How you use your kitchen should determine the layout of your kitchen’s busiest areas (sink, stove, refrigerator). Always think of concepts that merge form with function.

Forgetting That You Live There

A quick reality check: even if you plan on vacationing in Nice while your kitchen is being renovated, be sure to protect other rooms and surfaces from the upheaval in your kitchen! Try to insulate your kitchen from the rest of your home with tarps and plastic sheets. Cover your floors with drop clothes, and ask your contractors to do as much of the dusty work outside as possible.

We hope that by keeping these tips and suggestions in mind you’ll get the most out of your new kitchen while enjoying the journey! Discover the latest in kitchen designs and products with a free Kenny & Company consultation.

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