How To Make Any Bathroom Feel More Luxurious

We all know that a great bathroom can go a long way towards turning your house into your dream home. The bathroom will be the start and end to most of your days. And there will be times when you end up spending more time in your bathroom than you want to. During these times, you will be thankful for a nice bathroom. Investing in your bathroom can do a lot to improve your quality of life, so let’s talk about a few concrete ways that you can make your bathroom feel more luxurious…



1. Trade Your Shower Curtains For A Glass Pane

If they’re not already mildewed, shower curtains can become drab very quickly. They also do a dismal job of containing water and moisture. Indeed, shower curtains have been responsible for a lot of wet messes over the course of history, and cleanliness is a key ingredient of luxury. So we’d recommend that you trade in your shower curtain for a clear glass pane. This will give your bathroom the modern, spa-like feel you’ve been searching for, and go a long way towards keeping your bathroom sparkly clean!

2. Invest In Your Shower Head

Taking a shower can and should be a rejuvenating experience, and once you’ve installed an elegant glass pane to replace your old shower curtains, there’s only one thing left to do… invest in a shower head. Few people realize the power of a GOOD shower head until they’ve experienced it for themselves. A good shower head can change the game, and take your time in the shower from a utility to an indulgence.

3. Make Your Towels Count

Just like an accent wall is an essential part of any paint job, the right towels can create add something absolutely essential to your bathroom. Choosing towels with the right color and fabric can add a luxe touch to your bathroom that your guests are sure to notice. Also, towels serve an important function in your bathroom, and high-quality towels are a major contributor to a high-quality bathing experience!

4. Install A Vanity Mirror

The mirror is one of the centerpieces of every bathroom, so you need to get it right. Choosing a high-quality mirror, coupled with the right frame, will change the dynamics of the space in a big way! Pair this with the fact that you’re likely to spend a lot of time looking at your mirror, and it’s clear that your mirror selection is important. Afterall, this object is going to shape the image you have of yourself for a while… so let’s do what we can to make that image good!

5. Create A Multi-Sensory Experience

Bathrooms aren’t always associated with the best smells (if you know what I mean), but you can change that! Pick up a few scented candles at the store to keep your bathroom smelling fresh. You’ll be amazing at how much of a difference those friendly aromas can make. Dim the lights and let the soft, flickering candle light shine out around the room, and you bathroom might start becoming your favorite room in the house!

6. Add Some Green To The Mix

Buy a plant! We’d recommend something luscious and green, but if you’re worried about your ability to keep a plant like this alive, you can start with a cactus. Even a cactus will add an extra dimension to your bathroom that simply can’t be replicated. Adding a few plants to the mix will give your bathroom a fresh, natural feeling that many people find to be very comforting.  


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