Eight Ways Commercial Tankless Water Heaters Benefit Your Business

Many energy-conscious homeowners have already made the switch to cost-saving tankless water heaters and savvy business owners and facilities managers looking to reduce costs are following suit.

Heavy-duty commercial tankless hot water heaters -- also known as instantaneous, continuous flow, on-demand or instant-on water heaters -- are powerful appliances that instantly heat water as it flows through the unit. Gas or electric-powered tankless heaters eliminate the need for holding and maintaining gallons of hot water and are activated on-demand, providing tremendous savings and an endless supply of hot water. 

Save Money on Water Heating

There’s no debate, tankless hot water heaters save big bucks. These efficient hot water heaters heat only the water needed by your business at any given moment, therefore, they cost dramatically less to run. Traditional tank hot water heaters keep on burning precious BTUs to heat the water stored in the massive tanks, even when your company’s lights are out and the doors are closed. Tankless hot water heaters, on the other hand, eliminate this waste and business owners see the difference in their monthly utility bills.

Endless Hot Water Supply

No matter how big the tank, businesses frequently find that demand exceeds hot water storage capacity. For a small business, this can be as simple as installing a tankless hot water heater with enough capacity to meet your needs. For larger corporations, a installing a series of high capacity tankless hot water heaters can easily meet the demand. Hotels with LEED certification in mind, for example, benefit not only from energy efficiency and bragging rights, but also by showering their guests with endless streams of luxurious hot water; no matter the time, no matter the demand. 

Qualify for LEED Credits

Speaking of LEED credits, how your dedication to green technology and your corporate commitment to environmental best practices by installing a tankless hot water heating system. Not only do commercial tankless hot water systems save money and energy, but they help you qualify for valuable LEED credits and local or state tax rebates and incentives.

Reduce Costly Replacements

As facilities managers can attest, appliances wear out and fail far more frequently than they’d like. Maintaining and replacing equipment is a huge part of any company’s bottom line and low-maintenance tankless heaters generally last up to 20 years -- nearly twice as long as traditional tank hot water heaters. 

Increased Peace of Mind

Eliminate the threat of messy leaks and floods. Unlike traditional systems, which can maintain anywhere from 30-100 gallons of hot water, there’s no such thing as a tank failure with tankless technology.  

Safer, Cleaner Water

Tankless water heaters more precisely control water temperatures, which means your clients are less likely to suffer from unexpected temperature spikes. And, unlike traditional tanks, in which toxic metals, rust and scale may collect, you’ll always enjoy fresh-from-the-source water.

Marketing Appeal

Consumers are increasingly environmentally conscious. Make the switch to green technology and broadcast it to the world. Broaden your client base and delight existing customers by making them feel good about patronizing your company and services. 

Save Space

Tankless hot water heaters are significantly smaller than traditional units. Save precious real estate with gas or electric on-demand hot water heaters.

Manufacturers like Rinnai offer top quality and high performing tankless hot water heating systems. Enjoy energy savings, an endless supply of hot water and environmental virtue with a heavy-duty commercial hot water heater from Kenny Pipe & Supply.